Christian Seasons

Risk Love

Tragedies deposit the seeds of fear. Once our vision of an improving world is shattered we build walls to ensure future horrors do not touch us. We sterilize our emotions, cauterizing our feelings. We feign empathy and compassion for we know what they look like, even if we do … Continue reading

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Advent Is Always Implicit

Another Memorial Service today. Here in our out of the way place we remembered. Sixty-one years they shared. Their hope is always “to come” until Jesus’ Kingdom promise is fulfilled in real-time and space. But they shared glimpses. Bits of realized hope along the way. Always pointing to what … Continue reading

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Did you ever ask your parents if you could open up just one present before Christmas? Maybe you got to choose one on Christmas Eve. Over time our culture of immediacy appears to have influenced the church in a way that it strips the Season of Advent of the … Continue reading

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