Christian Spiritual Formation


One of the features of Soularize is the sharing of stories; stories of the Spirit of God. We toured the location for Soularize to get a feel for the church community with which we would share the next few days. Along the road adjacent to the church rests an … Continue reading

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Worthy Prayer

It’s not my brother or my sister but it’s me, O Lord: standing in the need of prayer. We are so warm in our own self-esteem that we freeze the folks around us. We get so high in our own estimation that we stand isolated on a mountain top

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God as Goodness

I am out of the office most of today. There are a few posts rattling around in my head. Until I get them out, read these two posts by Ken Archer on, “God as Goodness.”

Try to be a Good Person, Isn̢??t that Good Enough? РPart I of Continue reading

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The Illumined Life: Capture the Vibrant Faith of Ancient Christians

Shedding light on our shallow thinking about life with God, Frederica Mathewes-Green offers an accessible “little book” full of wisdom from ancient travelers of the way of Jesus. Setting the course toward “theosis” Frederica offers some thoughts that would surely intrigue any reader who has thought reflectively about the … Continue reading

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