Plenty – Friday Photo

We have plenty of fun. For nealy 36 years we have found ways to enjoy life together. So, why not a teeter totter on Broadway?… Continue reading

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“No, I Did Not Kill It.” – Friday Photo

Craig is to spiders what others are to snakes. For him, and my friend Brandi, “The only good spider is a dead spider.”… Continue reading

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Advertising and Allergies

On our drive from San Cristobal Alta Verapaz to Antigua, we noticed a startling advertisement. The side of a large building contained a troubling image. In fact, I immediately looked over at Bill and blurted, “Did you see that?!”

I thought to myself that Mad Men had not been … Continue reading

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Pain and Hope Captured In A Finger, Two Dots Then Me

We need writers who help get underneath the din of populist opinions and expose the complexity of human emotions and questions. I continue to think about the way Steve McCoy grasps the function of art and passes down that appreciation to his children.  Another friend posted a link Continue reading

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