Plenty – Friday Photo

We have plenty of fun. For nealy 36 years we have found ways to enjoy life together. So, why not a teeter totter on Broadway?

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“No, I Did Not Kill It.” – Friday Photo

Craig is to spiders what others are to snakes. For him, and my friend Brandi, “The only good spider is a dead spider.” Read More

Advertising and Allergies

On our drive from San Cristobal Alta Verapaz to Antigua, we noticed a startling advertisement. The side of a large building contained a troubling image. In fact, I immediately looked over at Bill and blurted, “Did you see that?!”

I thought to myself that Mad Men had not been consulted. We determined that the image was so over the top that we did not notice what product was being advertised. We had two doctors with us who never imagined someone might make consumers aware of their product with such an in your face ad.

Tree pollen is in the high category this week in Oklahoma. And, just maybe it has made some feel like this. Given the prevalence of allergies, I am now thinking the ad company nailed it for allergy sufferers. You be the judge.



Pain and Hope Captured In A Finger, Two Dots Then Me

We need writers who help get underneath the din of populist opinions and expose the complexity of human emotions and questions. I continue to think about the way Steve McCoy grasps the function of art and passes down that appreciation to his children.  Another friend posted a link to this short film. The performance is captivating. The content is honest. Remember, the function of art is not necessarily to provide an answer but to expose the pain we often face and at the same time open up possibilities of hope. These pieces become gateways to fascinating conversations. May this start a healthy conversation with you.