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Prayer … A Wonderful Story …

Scot McKnight kept we who read his blog up on the condition of Bob Robinson. Read Bob’s story as he makes his return to the blogworld with a post titled, “The Power of Prayer: Reflections from the Edge of Death.”Continue reading

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Ever have one of these kind of computer days? …

I am just smart enough about IT stuff to be dangerous to myself and others. I am glad for Charlie and others who help keep us from these potentialities very close to home.

HT:Markvia e-mail.… Continue reading

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Dashing the threat to the Gospel … Converging storms and exciting opportunities …

What can we learn from other cultures? For some time conservative evangelicals point to the decline in church attendance in Europe as reason to avoid perceived cultural and ecclesial mistakes. Attempts to avoid what someone else faces without properly understanding their culture is risky at best and culturally arrogant … Continue reading

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Dust … humility and the larger narrative … Ash Wednesday …

A few months ago I worked to finish a couple of small remodeling projects at home. Our home was built in the era of “popcorn” ceilings. Patty wanted a different look. I had already scraped the ceilings and hand textured two bedrooms. Now it was time to move to … Continue reading

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No “Fat Tuesday” for these … they will always be with you …

The last Monday evening of each month you will find a group of young people serving. When it is very hot and when it is very cold they will be there. On the “Fat Tuesday Eve” they served. One of the men who helps coordinate our effort to feed … Continue reading

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