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We reap what we sow … Grey’s Anatomy, the CP and the SBC …

If you have read for long you may know one of my favorite televisions series is Grey’s Anatomy. Some may find this odd for a pastor. Since the early days of this show I have been intrigued at the ways in which contemporary culture has been portrayed, critiqued … Continue reading

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Ascol posts, a battle ensues and IMonk (a.k.a. Michael Spencer) talks of contentions …

Last week Tom Ascol posted asking “What kind of person would make a good president of the SBC?” In the process a battle of sorts took place in the comment section. I do not recall ever seeing a blog post with nearly 300 comments (by the time … Continue reading

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The Don married again?

I saw a spot on ET noting that after five years of “being together”, Donald Trump will marry again. Ivanna got him for a reported $23 million after 13 yeras. Marla got a paltry $2 million after five years. The question for many is what kind of “pre-nuptial” will … Continue reading

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Poetry …

A very good friend of mine recently began writing poetry. He is an accomplished writer and yet sometimes the transition to a different style is difficult. Rick sent me the piece below. Read carefully as there is much going on in this one. Excellent job!

Charity Hosptial

In a

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Desperate times call for desperate measures …

Today’s “Daily Oklahoman” carries an article about the arrest of a bank robber. This is no ordinary story – or is it. Generally we consider the reason behind a bank robbery to be the support of some habit that so controls a person they cannot keep a steady … Continue reading

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