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Declarations, Announcements and Observations â??Ã?¶ An SBC Confession Booth â??Ã?¶ (part 1)

Generally impulsive blog posts would best be left for the cyber file #13. Many would prefer to know what someone they read thinks about a topic sooner than later. However, something invariably happens that offers a comparative window through which one may look and then write in hopes of … Continue reading

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The consequences of an encyclopedic view of the Scriptures …

Paul concludes a solid post with,

So to re-baptize people because of our doctrinal differences with them (because they are not of â??Ã?úlike faith and orderâ??Ã?ù) is not supported in the Bible in either direct teaching or in example. Some will say, â??Ã?úWell, what you have said isnâ??Ã?ôt Baptist.â??Ã?ù

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Avoiding “my way” as the “only way” …

I tire of the denominational thing. It is good to see some healthy dialogue taking place. If you are interested and inclined, you might click to read –

Marty on the Machine
Steve on the Medium for Change
And Paul attempting to marry the two in some way. (Should … Continue reading

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IMB … Did not see that one coming … at least that way …

News out of Florida indicates the IMB Trustees determined a way to quell dissent. On my way to visit folks in a couple of hospitals a friend called who has observed the IMB developments as an “outsider.” [read, not Southern Baptist] Many would care little what an outsider … Continue reading

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Ascol posts, a battle ensues and IMonk (a.k.a. Michael Spencer) talks of contentions …

Last week Tom Ascol posted asking “What kind of person would make a good president of the SBC?” In the process a battle of sorts took place in the comment section. I do not recall ever seeing a blog post with nearly 300 comments (by the time … Continue reading

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