Denominational Commentary

From Isolation to Relationship, An Interview with Dave Miller

Many perceive from both real stories and caricatures that Southern Baptists do not play well with others. And by others I mean those who do not belong to their tribe, those not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.… Continue reading

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The Yellow Shirts, The Baptists, Showed Up

Love shows up. Even when sometimes we do not communicate with our words as well as we like, our actions, as they say, “speak louder than words.” Yes, it is a double-edged sword.… Continue reading

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It’s All About the Base, No Trouble

Grandma Littleton tired of the question, “Are you Catholic?” This came after she responded to, “How many children do you have?” She would reply, “Eight. Six boys and two girls.” Over time she developed a startling response to the question of her religious background, “No. Just oversexed Baptists.” Were … Continue reading

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