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Leaving partisanship out of human tragedy … Darfur in the news again … never should have been out of the news …

Over the past couple of days I have noticed a little more local coverage of the situation in Darfur. We printed t-shirts with on the back. I play basketball with a group of guys who ask who, where, what is Darfur. Glad to see the The Daily Oklahoman … Continue reading

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If it is not your cause then it should be no one’s cause … Immigration and Evangelicals …

The first shot came as some “evangelicals” signed the “Evangelical Climate Initiative.” Debate about global warming and its attendant science came under scrutiny as some evangelicals questioned those who signed the document. Despite your opinion and position there is little doubt the brand of dispensational eschatology touted by many … Continue reading

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Obscuring the real issues … Pitts on McKinney

Leonard Pitts Jr. points to the obscuring of real issues amidst the Cynthia McKinney flap. He concludes,

Last week, somebody was beaten because he was black., Went hungry because he was black. Died because he was black. Yet the face of racial injustice was Cynthia McKinney being asked for

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What is after ” just now”? … perspicuity and process …

We always enjoy a family trip to the bookstore. Last week the five of us went to dinner, the mall and Barnes and Noble. I have more than enough to read. A bookstore has an iPod shuffle effect on me. The Apple website suggests “random is the new order.” … Continue reading

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Denny Crane … Walk the Line … and the narrative that changes everything …

“Denny Crane,” blurts William. I admit it a leap from Captain of the Starship Enterprise to Crane of “Crane, Poole & Schmidt.” Denny really believes the mention of his name stirs fear in opposing counsel, awe in potential clients and longing in all women. He can be a cad … Continue reading

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