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Saint for a Culture of Death? …

The week before Halloween, or Reformation Day as I have referred to it, I was in the DFW airport returning from a meeting at Fuller Seminary. I often pick up a copy of the Dallas Morning News (Saturday, October 30, 2004)- generally dwarfs the Dailing Oklahoman. I found an … Continue reading

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“Post-Church” …

Reading through some different blogs I came across a post by Doug on whether or not we really can consider ourselves living in a “post-Christian” context. On another blog I read an argument suggesting we are certainly living in a “post-Christian” America.

It may be some time before we … Continue reading

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What wrong with America? … Christian America? …

“aintsobad” wittingly or unwittingly describes precisely what we come to when we look deeply into the cultural situtation in our Country. Here is the story …

November 02, 2004

The sky darkened and drove a cold wind before the clouds as I eased my rent car onto the Continue reading

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Truth in strange places …

From the new television series, “Lost.” “If we can’t live together then we will die alone.”… Continue reading

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Consequences, culture and disconnect …

John clipped a few articles from the Wall Street journal for me to read. One of those articles, “Christian Teens? Not Very” penned by Dale Buss appeared in the July 9, 2004 column, “Houses of Worship.”

Buss runs through a number of statistics that convey a confusing picture when … Continue reading

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