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Some thoughts on America by Davis …

My friend Rick over at “aintsobad” penned these thoughts on America.

America’s Greatness
What makes America great?

The rule of law makes America great. Next year we will change administration’s in the White House. We will either go to the second Bush administration or the Kerry administration or someone. … Continue reading

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Too far …

Have we take the “my own personal Jesus” a bit too far? Take a look,

You can hear the “talking Jesus” here.… Continue reading

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Conversations on Convergence …

Some of you may not make it over to our message board – Convergence. A thread has generated some interesting discussion. In a semi-tease to go over and check it out, I post my “bit” for the conversation. I have learned much from those who carry on over … Continue reading

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Dangerous Liaisons . . .

Thinking is dangerous. Were we to “doefully” stare ahead without so much as a sideward glance, we might find ourselves plugged into a way of life and thinking that will be our own end. I have a friend who thinks well. I find his thoughts on the situation in … Continue reading

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Stories, pictures and lost heads …

I listened to an interview this morning. One of the morning shows offered a “breaking story.” This new idiom grew from the “ho-hum” of the news. In order to get your attention while regular programming rolls on, anchors now hope to get your attention off the dog, the inside … Continue reading

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