Cohen Alan

Spying Jokers – Friday Photo

Early mornings we often spy a rabbit exploring the yard. Last week we found her coming closer to the house investigating one of our flower beds. I grabbed the camera and hoped to get a shot. Quietly I peered around a corner and was able to snap this one. Read More

Number 4 – Happy Birthday Cohen Alan

Maybe one day they will like their photos taken. Selfies for our Grandboys would be more a matter of technological curiosity than, “Hey, look at me!” Read More

These Two – Friday Photo

Friday Photo has been an infrequent posting here on The Edge of the Inside for quite some time. It is not for lack of material. Here is one, actually two, to enjoy.

I do.

"Really?" - Copyright 2014 Todd A. Littleton

“Really?” – Copyright 2014 Todd A. Littleton

"Listen" - Copyright 2014 Todd A Littleton

“Listen” – Copyright 2014 Todd A Littleton


So Like Their Mother

We are taking a field trip today. It is too cold for the zoo so we are going inside. Today we take the boys to the Mall to see Santa. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. One of these days the two little guys will be as goofy as their mothers and Grammy. They will pass by an object, like this gorilla, and think, “Let’s climb!” After all, they already climb on Grandpa Doc. I wonder who told them an old Sunday School teacher of mine always called me, “gorilla.” Anyway, we will have some fun today even if we have to bribe with the Lego Store!

"My Three Girls and the Gorilla" - Copyright 2013 Todd Littleton

“My Three Girls and the Gorilla” – Copyright 2013 Todd Littleton

My How You’ve Grown – Happy Birthday Cohen!

“It is funny how I remember every detail of that day.” Aunt Tommie’s memory is like a lock box. She remembers many details I have long forgotten.

cohen1webLast week we were talking about three years ago today. Tommie’s reference was to what began a normal day turned tense when Kimberly went for her OB appointment. We received the call late in the afternoon that something was not quite right and they would be admitting her in order to monitor both her and baby.

After attempts to stave off an early delivery, Dr. Nightingale felt it in the best interest of both mother and baby to head to delivery. We did not realize the gravity of the situation. Cohen was born about eight weeks early and for an unknown reason was smaller than normal. He weighed in at 2 lbs. 7 ozs. That was August 2, 2010.

Today we celebrate Cohen who turns three. His great-grandmother would remind us he is not three until later this afternoon.

cohentruckThree years later we continue to witness a strong will and an internal drive that likely aided Cohen in those early hours and days after he was born. I think he exhibits determination and drive. These are healthy traits for a little one who battled some significant odds. He wants to do what he sees those bigger than himself doing. Rarely is he satisfied with can’t.

Someone has said that if they knew grandchildren would be this fun they would have had them first. Though obviously not possible, I understand the sentiment.

Happy Birthday Cohen Alan!