Cohen Alan

No More Frosty Mugs . . . The Scene of Engagement

Twenty-nine years ago this month we sat in a booth at Coit’s at 39th and N. Pennsylvania. The years have blurred my memory. We likely had cheeseburgers and frosty mugs of root beer. Not the likely scene for a proposal. Alas, I was a student and Patty was … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Luke (Hogan) Skywalker and Master (Cohen) Yoda

For weeks, if not longer, Kimberly and Patty thought carefully about how to dress up Cohen for our annual Fall Festival. There was talk about a character from Harry Potter. Then there was the idea of a super-hero. Then it clicked. Hogan was going to dress as Luke Skywalker … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Cohen In Green

Cohen needed a playmate this week while his mom went to the dentist. Who better than Grandpa Doc? So, we played in the front room with the blocks and the telephone. But, Cohen loves Grammy’s “Red Chairs.” What a pose!

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Wide Eyes and Heading South – Friday Photo(s)

Last month we announced our second grandchild would be a boy, Max. Jason and Tommie had a “Reveal Party” for some of their friends. We tagged along. And, Cohen certainly did not want to miss out on the grand announcement. Grammy was holding him when I snapped this shot. … Continue reading

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Series Interrupted – Surgery Day for Cohen

I will pick up with the recent ongoing series on the other, scary other, and those not in the hallway.

Today we are at Children’s for Cohen’s surgery.

He is doing well. They are updating us every hour.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.… Continue reading

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