Cyrano … An evening with the kids

cyrano.jpgSaturday evening we took the kids out to celebrate Kimberly and Craig’s “3 Year Wedding Anniversary” which was Monday evening. Talk about hard to believe! We shared a fun dinner at Zio’s and then a trip downtown for “Shakespeare in the Park” and their version of “… Continue reading

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Storytelling … An Evening of Music

garyjulesposter0707.jpg style=

A few years ago after watching “Donnie Darko,” I ventured out to find Gary Jules CD with the song, “Mad World.” I finally found it at a local music store which sold used CD’s. A number of songs on that CD reveal quite the story teller. Rob Davis and … Continue reading

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Collapse, Fragments and Spurs … Thank you …

Dr. Smith arrived via boat to Integris Baptist Hospital. The nurse noted another fellow he saw out the window in a boat with two squirrels looking for directions. We heard of roads overwhelmed by water and people being rescued from their homes. So, when we did see Dr. Smith … Continue reading

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Anterior Cervical Fusion …

About four and a half years ago I woke from a nap with incredible pain in my upper  back, shoulders and arms. I thought I “slept wrong.” Two months later Dr. Smith performed an Anterior Cervical Fusion. My goals after surgery were two – continue to play basketball … Continue reading

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