“I am going whether anyone else goes or not!”

img_1208.JPGMonday the meteorological prognosticators noted yesterday would be a December day to remember. Larry called and said, “I am going to play golf tomorrow whether anyone else goes or not!” I told him I had a doctor’s appointment and could get loose in the afternoon.

Larry, a retired pilot, … Continue reading

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My New Friend Jim Palmer to be Interviewed

jimpalmer.jpgLance Ford will interview my new friend Jim Palmer tomorrow evening at Shapevine online. The videocast is free. The interview begins at 8:00 p.m. (EST) I read Jim’s Divine Nobodies on the plane home from Soularize and am currently reading his new book, Wide Open Spaces. It would … Continue reading

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The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Who knows when it comes? Who knows how it will come? Suddenly. Slowly. Death comes. Fear it? Face it? Fret about it? I listened as Nan expressed frustration and fatigue. She recently noted, “My legs just don’t work,” as she gave an accompanying motion as though trying to nudge … Continue reading

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My New Friend Jim Palmer

jimpalmer.jpgMark Scandrette, poet, pastor, catalyst, and friend , coined a phrase this past week – “My new friend Jim Palmer.” We spent the week as “condo” mates while working at Soularize in Nassau, Bahamas. One of our “condo” mates was Jim Palmer.

On Wednesday as we were … Continue reading

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Think. Laugh. Weep. Worship.

I enjoy reading. There was a day I needed to read in order to ratify my convictions and attending presuppositions. Those days have long since passed. I like diversity. My blogroll provides an illustration. I should also note many in my blogroll share my convictions and position. The discerning … Continue reading

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