Changing Terrain or, The Difference Time Makes

Meteorologists alert us to changing weather patterns. One of our local television stations offers a Bus Stop Forecast. Most parents want to know what weather appropriate clothing to choose for their children any given day. We may make adjustments by adding a layer or putting on a short sleeve shirt. What happens when the weather changes the terrain? Read More

Plenty – Friday Photo

We have plenty of fun. For nealy 36 years we have found ways to enjoy life together. So, why not a teeter totter on Broadway?

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Eyes On Baseball – Friday Photo

Nathan and Hogan will have their eyes on the Royals this evening. And, you may be sure they will have their eyes on the baseball.
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Old Medicine – Friday Photo

Despite the threat of three active volcanos, life is quite vibrant in Antigua, Guatemala. But, the remnants of older buildings serve as a constant reminder, even with the puffs of smoke rising from the surrounding mountains. Read More

Winds of Change

The wind shifted out of the north. We know the State Fair starts tomorrow. Around these parts that means an increased possibility of Fall weather – colder with some rain. Read More