So I Went Golfing or, Practice Is Necessary

Blogging often reflects life. The ebbs and flows of consistent writing tend to depend on the schedule. Some weeks there is ample time to craft a post. Other weeks it seems a post is a passing thought.


Last week I found myself in Orlando. Some friends invited me … Continue reading

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Abandoned – Friday Photo

We seldom abandon completely. Sure we may not make an old cabin our current home. But, these structures that remain contain traces that in their own right keep memory alive. Once wonders, “What was this cabin used for?” “What prompted its neglect?” “What took its place?”

Every day is … Continue reading

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Photo Meditation

My friend Spencer Burke started what he called Monotation. One word meditation/reflection on a photo. Looking back through my photos of our trip to the Talamena Drive in Southeast Oklahoma spurred a bit of reflection/meditation. Rather than explain what I see, I will simply give the photo a title … Continue reading

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To Come . . . A Friday Photo

We checked off one event on Patty’s Bucket List. Speculation that this year’s foliage on the Talamena Drive would rival many in recent years prompted us to take the drive. We were not disappointed. Everywhere you turned a vista broke through the trees, came alive in the valleys, or … Continue reading

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Red Mountains

Red Mountains – 1,2,3 – See on the Million Dollar High Way (550) between Ouray and Silverton… Continue reading

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