Make These Stones Live

We crested the hill in the cool mountain air. Unseasonable weather called for a toboggan in the normally warm climate. I left mine at home. Four-wheel low was a must as the roads are largely dirt and rock.

The old cinder block building sat vacant. For twenty years the … Continue reading

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Advertising and Allergies

On our drive from San Cristobal Alta Verapaz to Antigua, we noticed a startling advertisement. The side of a large building contained a troubling image. In fact, I immediately looked over at Bill and blurted, “Did you see that?!”

I thought to myself that Mad Men had not been … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Quality of Life

Guatemala is rich with beautiful vistas. Bill, one of our hosts, remarked that we cannot underestimate how beauty adds to the quality of life. We are some time before our flowers bloom with this beauty back home. We continue to find a beautiful people here in San Cristobal. A … Continue reading

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Vision of Hope

We rarely accept that buildings sit empty for twenty or more years. Even more, we would be appalled at the prospect of a building meant to provide wellness and health sitting vacant. But that is the case with a small cinder block building sitting at the top of this … Continue reading

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