Worship Concluded … The working out of what has been done.

A couple years ago I happened on GEEZ magazine; I believe the maiden voyage issue. Some friends told me those who put it together had some connection to AdBusters. Since the first issue I have been hooked. The most recent edition of GEEZ offers “30 Sermons You’d Never … Continue reading

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“We Just Go to Church.”

evwoadditives.jpgWe shared an interesting conversation in Bible Study this morning. Jim Henderson suggests a potential shift in metaphor helps reshape our understanding of disciple-making (a.k.a. “Evangelism”). Often we do not make adjustments based solely as a result of argument. We need an accompanying picture – a new metaphor.

In … Continue reading

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Conversations between Clergy and Educators for Great Public Schools

“Bro. C” loved young people. For a good portion of his life he taught in a public school. He did not teach science, math or English. No, from his classroom on the south side of the “square” layout of Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City, Brother Carpenter taught … Continue reading

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Diversity in the Church … Bragging on My Brother

Paul and I have a mutual friend who knows us but not so much. Competition is generally the nature of sibling relationships. Trent, Paul and me could certainly be competitive. Even to this day we feel the twinge whether we are playing golf or angling for the most trout. … Continue reading

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The Edge of the Inside … Pt. 1

“What’s in a name?” The wise Solomon suggested, “a good name is to be chosen above riches.” Most muse about the meaning of their name at one point or another. Parents fret over what to name their children and will often refer to books that give the meanings of … Continue reading

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