Fear the Pagitt – What Role for the Scriptures?

scriptures4We Southern Baptists know how to make an issue out of the Scriptures. Al Mohler recently tweeted he was sitting in the Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter listening to Paige Patterson describe the historic conversation between he and Judge Pressler. Said conversation eventually led to the Conservative … Continue reading

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Fear the Jones – Where Do You Get Your Information?

We have all been guilty. Our self-selected source of authority on a given subject speaks and with something like blind acceptance we believe it all, proverbially hook-line-and-sinker. Ed Stetzer recently tweeted a long assumed quote from St. Francis was bogus. Many, like myself, offered an attributed quote to St. … Continue reading

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Fear the McLaren – Could there be something good?

Recently I ventured to the great northwest part of our state to participate in a one day conference. During the conversations about what it means for the church to be “for the world” a panel discussion broke out. Two SEBTS seminary professors, a state Executive Director and a Director … Continue reading

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Re-Enacting the First Century – ABQ Reflection Pt. 4

This is part 4 of my reflections from The Emerging Church Conference in Albuquerque and Phyllis Tickle’s presentation on The Great Emergence.

For some time the rage has been “church planting.” Statistical data is often used to support the contention new churches grow more rapidly than existing churches. And, … Continue reading

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Pathological Divisiveness – Reflections from ABQ Pt 3

During my days in Seminary I readn an article editing the experience of church splits. The author actually spun church splits into a methodology for church growth – planting churches!

Years later I am want for a Christian denomination without the experience of division. But alas to begin one … Continue reading

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