Ratifying beliefs … Confronted by Jesus …

Achievers face the tyranny of accomplishment. Precision and speed often mean missing the impact of content. Dr. Pretlove may have hinted at this with me when he told me, "Some people go to church just so they can go home again." Failure to engage the content of a worthy … Continue reading

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Complicitly unholy … When the Critique Comes Home to Roost …

Chucks_roost Fresh eggs. Nothing quite like them. A few weeks ago Micah gave us a dozen fresh eggs from the farm in Amber. Delicious. I asked Micah about the trials and errors of raising laying hens. He really suggested a good fence, a sturdy house and to be prepared to … Continue reading

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Connecting Justice and Jesus Following …

Oklahoman_1On January 14, 2007, The Oklahoman ran an op-ed piece by Rev. Glenn Cranfield. The Rev. Cranfield served as the director of the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City for nine years.  He noted the renaissance taking place in  downtown Oklahoma City. Glenn also noted how his understanding of … Continue reading

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Subverting the Empire … Living Counter-Intuitive Values …

OklahomanAccording to an AP article on the front page of The Oklahoman young people grow more materialistic. Seems since 1966 incoming college freshmen consider financial prosperity very important. Pew Research Center indicated 80 percent of 18-to 25-year-olds ranked getting rich as their top priority.

When wealth becomes the marker … Continue reading

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