The Circles of Faithful Presence: An(other) Interview with David E. Fitch

Practical Theology is theology from below. That is, practical theology is rooted in reflections about God’s activity in the world in real time. Eugene Peterson reminds, “Matter is real. Flesh is good. Without firm rooting in creation, religion is always drifting off into some kind of pious sentimentalism or sophisticated intellectualism.” (The Contemplative Pastor, p.68) Read More

Fear Your Own Hard Heart: An Interview with Alan Cross

Hebrew Wisdom, Proverbs, describes the fear of the Lord as the beginning of knowledge and fools despise wisdom. (Pr. 1:7) Learning the Way of Jesus may harbor the need for a greater fear – our own hard hearts.

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Evangelicals Need to Be Re-Evangelized!? An Interview with Lance Ford

Who gets to claim Evangelical as their descriptor? The recent revelation that Donald Trump finds Evangelicals among his strong supporters has created any number of explanations. For example, one recent article dissects the numbers and concludes those who support Trump are not, in fact, Evangelical, and may not even be Christian.  Read More

The Great Divorce: The Church and the GOP

After a long, frustrating courtship with the GOP, Richard Land, then President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention declared, ”The go-along, get-along strategy is dead. ‘No more engagement. We [conservative Christians] want a wedding ring, we want a ceremony, we want a consummation of the marriage.” That was 1998.

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The Difference A Health Post Makes

They waited 30 years. Progress, it was insisted, required the flooding of their village. Most of us would not think destroying a hometown synonymous with progress. What is a people to do in the face of their government? Accept their promises and relocate.

A small cinder block building sits atop the small village. The hope represented by this structure we better health. Year after year village leaders hoped. They waited. Their experience could only be described as unfulfilled promise. Children died. Adults died. Sometimes they died from a condition that could have been prevented by a functioning health post.

Last year an existing partnership pledged support to renovate the small building into a larger structure complete with living quarters for a traveling nurse. Meetings were held with village leaders and a promise was made. One wonders what those leaders must have thought hearing yet another promise. Could it be? Would it be?

Yesterday we drove to Rosario Italia. We we're hear about one year ago. When we crested the hill we saw the fulfillment of a promise. Expanded and painted, the cinder block building now provides space for a nurse, prescriptions, and lodging. All work will be done in a couple of weeks.Thirty years later what this small group of people had anticipated became reality. The most important outcome? Trust. The local organization and their partners brought hope and help where on e they only had a promise.

Listening to the village leaders describe their sense of the future confirmed the investment ASOSAP made to bring hope where there was none. The future holds opportunity for health education and Christian spiritual care for not just this village of 600, but also for surrounding villages with no health post.

What a difference a health post makes and will make.