ETREK Road Trip Comes to OKC Metro!

Registration Opens for – ETREK Road Trip in OKC Metro!

â??Ã?úLeaders are learnersâ??Ã?ù â??Ã?ì this is an ETREK maxim. ETREK
Collaborative Learning Journeys (www.etrek.com) will host a â??Ã?úRoad Tripâ??Ã?ù around the subject of â??Ã?úspiritual habits/practices.â??Ã?ù Currently  ETREK partners with Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, PA to offer innovative … Continue reading

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Death Becomes Us … Creps Off-Road … pt1

ItwascleanA couple of years ago Patty, Tommie and me took a trip to Colorado. Barb graciously offered us a place to stay and it was very good for us. We rented a jeep for a day and went "off-road." The pretty white jeep looked well worn and muddy after … Continue reading

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Great Willimon Piece …

This past Sunday I used part of this Will Willimon piece. The quote I found helpful to describe how we must not neglect intentional means to follow Jesus,

The immediate problem that confronts is that our church is
accommodationist. Even though we know that there is a strong,

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