Churched, unchhurched, de-churched …

The use of categories often runs the risk of depersonalizing the very people pitched in thee various categories used. Leonard Sweet offers how one church has handled the traditional penchant to use labels to describe those outside the Church, people of God, community of faith.

“Warehouse 242 is a faith community in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its mission is to reach those who live and move and have false being, those the church usually names “lost,” “unsaved,” “pre-Christian,” “seeker,” “unbeliever,” “unchurched,” “worldly,” “unconverted” – or more blatantly, “pagan,” “heathen,” “infidel.” Except Warehouse 242, being aware of the way power works through language and taking a cue from the recovery movement, prefers to call those for whom their church exists the “normal” people.” (Jesus Drives Me Crazy, p.13)

Sweet goes on,

“There is a world and wisdom according to normal. There is a world and wisdom according to Jesus. The world according to normal is the world that is. The wisdom of the world is “normal.” People who don’t know who Jesus is are the “normal people.” People for whom God is, to quote Edwin Muir, “three angry letter is a book” are the normal people.

Jesus’ followers are the abnormal ones.” (Jesus Drives Me Crazy, p.13)

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