Declarations, Announcements and Observations â??Ã?¶ Known by Our Love â??Ã?¶ (part 4)

The final post in this series may well be a bit of self-indictment. I mentioned my high school experience where the issue between Steve and I was perceived to be a matter of who is going to Heaven (part 2). The preoccupation with who is gong to Heaven seems to have obfuscated the understanding Jesus came to show us how to live. The Sermon on the Mount was not a â??Ã?úmanifestoâ??Ã?ù for living in Heaven. Rather, the words of Jesus on the hillside charged hearers with how to live in the Kingdom of God – NOW. Precious little time was and is given to living the way of Jesus.

We would do well to hear the words of Jesus to the disciples in the great John 17 passage. The world will know you are my disciples by your love for each other. John continues the emphasis in his circular letters (1 John in particular). Jesus did not say his followers would be known by an assurance of Heaven, but in the very love expressed to neighbors, brothers (sisters) and others.

Maybe we should put down the shopharâ??Ã?ôs horn and live out of the Kingdom of God – NOW! We then may well enjoy the very â??Ã?úmaking disciplesâ??Ã?ù Jesus commissioned.

The potential self-indictment comes when I realize my need to love neighbors, brothers (sisters) and others.

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