Declarations, Announcements and Observations â??Ã?¶ Thank You For Smoking â??Ã?¶ (part 3)

Nick Naylor, the lead character in the movie, â??Ã?úThank You For Smokingâ??Ã?ù, may well be the poster child for spin in America. Spencer and I took in this movie last evening. The past seven months have brought a heightened awareness to â??Ã?úspinâ??Ã?ù in SBC life. Wade Burlesonâ??Ã?ôs run in with the IMB Trustees was spun like laundry in the washing machine spin cycle. Initially accused of slander, he now awaits possible censure in New Mexico just four weeks from Greensboro and the potential nomination for president of the SBC. His sin – blogging about potential IMB policy changes, or not going along with the good old boys.

Announced with what could have been construed as a â??Ã?úKingâ??Ã?ôs Coronationâ??Ã?ù at the Jerry Vinesâ??Ã?ô pastorâ??Ã?ôs conference, Johnny Hunt withdrew his name for consideration for president of the SBC only to select his replacement and insinuate that to consider anyone else would put one in danger of denying the â??Ã?úsupernatural draft.â??Ã?ù Talk about spin.

The Florida Baptist Witness comes out with a piece regarding the CP giving of Floydâ??Ã?ôs church and Danny Akin comes to the rescue. Now, three SBC seminary presidents have â??Ã?úendorsedâ??Ã?ù their candidate. Who would vote against the collective of Patterson, Mohler and Akin? Only someone out of touch with the way God is moving in the SBC. Talk about spin.

In the movie, â??Ã?úThank You For Smokingâ??Ã?ù, Nick Naylor was asked about how he would convince one person to side with him. He replied, â??Ã?úI am not out to persuade you, but I do want to persuade everyone else.â??Ã?ù The reason these significant voices may have come out prior to Greensboro is not to convince the already skeptical and cynical who tire of â??Ã?úking making.â??Ã?ù No, the real reason is to convince everyone else the battle for the SBC is not over and someone who has a long standing with the good old boys must be elected to keep the â??Ã?úliberalsâ??Ã?ù at bay. Talk about spin.

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