Desperate times call for desperate measures …

Today’s “Daily Oklahoman” carries an article about the arrest of a bank robber. This is no ordinary story – or is it. Generally we consider the reason behind a bank robbery to be the support of some habit that so controls a person they cannot keep a steady job. The need for money overwhelms better judgment – as if good judgment leads to damaging habits. The habits could range from drug use/abuse to extreme laziness. Debts mount and one considers the only solution to be a bank heist.

Seems as though a reputable businessman, community leader and family man came to conclude the only way he could bolster the bottom line and keep things afloat was to rob a bank in Edmond. Seems logical to me – what about you?

We look at the details of the story and immediately find this an abberation – an extra-ordinary case. Yet, this man’s line of thinking fits the standard for those who would not be considered reputable at all. Therein lies the value of the phrase, “There but for the grace of God go I.” Left to ourselves, reputable or no, we too make such poor decisions.

God moves to desperate measures. Surely you would agree the notion of giving up your Son for a cast of “reputable and disreputable” mugs would appear quite desperate. The good news is it was his idea for us not our own for ourselves. Out of this action God demonstrates the effects of these desperate actions for those experiencing desperate times. He extends grace where we would spurn it. He grants mercy where we would shun such action. I do not suggest that everyone who follows God makes stellar decisions. There is penty of evidence to the contrary. I simply offer this as an illustration to thank God for his demonstration of grace and mercy when we found/find ourselves in “desperate times.”

Thank you God for acting for me when my way of thinking would only lead me to . . . do anything but what would be right.

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Husband to Patty. Daddy to Kimberly and Tommie. Grandpa Doc to Cohen, Max, Fox, and Marlee. Pastor to Snow Hill Baptist Church. Graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Reading. Photography. Golf. Colorado. Jeeping. Friend. The views and opinions expressed here are my own and should not be construed as representing the corporate views of the church I pastor.