Did the South Change the Good News? A Reprise for Super Tuesday

One of the most confounding statistics this nominating season, Evangelicals stumping, endorsing, and voting for Donald Trump. The reality continues to spawn debates over who qualifies as a true Evangelical.

Today is SEC Primary Day. According to most polls, Trump leads. Only Texas appears to be in question as Cruz holds a lead in his home state. It is not a stretch to say that if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, Evangelical, as a word, may fall into disrepute from within.

My friend Alan Cross wrote, When Heaven and Earth Collide. We discuss his book through the lens of an article he wrote last year. What makes the reprise of this podcast important is that Alan appears to answer the question, “Does America change religion?” in the affirmative.

If you recall, my friend Greg Horton suggests that America changes every religion and those who practice them. He believes America changes the form and practice of Islam. How could we not believe America has indeed changed the form and practice of Christianity.

Listen in as Alan describes the very ways the cultural dynamics produced a form of Southern Christianity that influences to this day. Maybe Alan has a better grasp of why Trump in the South than most.

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