The Drawback of Preventive Medicine

One may never know if Aspirin Therapy kept heart disease away if prescribed as preventive prior to any heart episode. And, . . . 

A person may never know if they avoided a sharp metal object if the cook found it first.

Today I found this nugget of goodness from Nouwen’s, The Genesee Diary.

Theodore found a little piece of metal between the thousands of raisins he pushed through the raisin washing machine. He showed it to me. It looked as sharp as a razor blade. Well, someone eating his raisin bread is saved from a bleeding stomach, thanks to Theodore, who will never hear a grateful word for it. That is the drawback of preventive medicine. (p.75)

Maybe today you would stop and be thankful for what you avoided thanks to a conscientious cook or other worker about whose actions kept you from harm.

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