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It is not that there is not anything to say here on the blog. But, the time to sit down and put it together has been scarce this week. Last week Chas called. We met many moons ago. We played optimist basketball together. We played little league baseball too. Later we played church league basketball in high school. We have known each other for a while.

‘Let’s play a round of golf.” My golf clubs have seen limited action for about the last five years. I think I went at least two years without a single round. Tuesday we played what I think would be my fourth round of golf this year. Needless to say it was more fun enjoying the weather and catching up than reveling in low numbers.

Chas called Joe and that made three high school friends and graduates roaming Rose Creek Golf Course. We had fun. I noted on Facebook that it had dawned on me we had not hung out in more than thirty years except for reunions. Quite the shame. We are hoping to rectify the drought.

Times change. Lives change. But, it is always fun to reconnect with old friends.

Then, Wednesday my best friend underwent surgery. We met in high school nearly 33 years ago. What eyes! Big and brown. Patty was discovered in July with what an oral surgeon described as a “process.” We tried to read about this “stuff” and concluded whatever it is the process involved her lower left jaw and an attack on the bone. The “process” had to be removed.

Dr. Baker gave us the post-op report after a couple of hours in surgery. “It went better than I hoped.” Great news to these ears. There is a risk of recurrence. But, the surgeon believes he “got it all.” We know this is not a guarantee. But, he knows his stuff and we will live into his optimism.

I have been reading Peter Rollins’ new book, Insurrection. There will be some reflections coming in the future. For the time being I am working my skills in “home health care.” For those of you who knew this was coming, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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