Get your Starbury’s …

I enjoy playing basketball. I really enjoy playing basketball. When it comes to exercise, I would rather play basketball than run on the treadmill. This in no way intimates anything about my skills on the court, just my enjoyment of the game. I prefer to make a good pass than a great shot.

Last week’s Newsweek offered a story about which I am just now hearing. In a piece titled, "Maybe It Is the Shoes!", Allison Samuels notes the wild success of Stephan Marbury’s project, "You Feel Me?" (Starbury). Here is the line that got my attention, "It just makes no sense for sneakers to coast as much as they do and put families in the situation they get in when their kids want them."

I have not read much about the campaign but I plan to. I also plan to buy a pair of Starbury’s for the upcoming league in which I will be playing. In fact, there are several reasons. First, it makes sense that if a pair hold up under the rigors an NBA star puts them through then my weekly attempts at success will not be marred by "the shoes." Second, I join with the sentiment that we have created something kids "think" they need and press their parents for shoes that are exorbitant in price. Third, many would be better served taking the difference and investing in their child in other ways – pay off some family debt, purchase clothes, buy several other pairs to give away if you  are bent on spending $100. At $15 a pair, you could outfit a team for under a $100.

How about getting yourself out and buying your pair of Starbury’s?

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