How Far Does Love God Down? Weekly Video

My friend Travis Reed interviewed Dr. John Perkins and asked a great question, “How far does love go down?” Christians often live thinking about the limits of their love in light of the unlimited love of God. We may need to put ourselves in the place of Perkins’ granddaughter who said, “It makes my brain hurt to think about how much you love me.”

What would that mean were the world to experience a love that made its collective brain hurt? I suspect it would require a complete radicalizing of the manner and means we express our love, the love of God through us, to and in the world today. I can think of any number of times when thinking about “how much” I set some parameter or boundary creating a contingency that kept me from suffering in love.

Reading the Scriptures for this week in the Revised Common Lectionary we find that verse  referenced in the media via Tebowing and Linsanity that God loves the world. We, Christians, tend to present that love in limited ways rather than unlimited ways. Rather than objectify the love of God and talk about it in the third person, providing a layer of insularity, what if we talked about the love of God in subjective ways that welcomed the interference that love would mean to our own lives and the way we live with others?


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