I Thought We Were Moving Beyond the Politics of Fear

Words do mean something. In a conversation yesterday a friend pointed out how difficult it is for us to really engage politics. Once we make statements critical of one administration in hopes of prompting either change or a different direction by a soon-coming administration we must face up to the double-edge of our critique. Certainly this is overly simplistic. But, appeals for an anti-imperial, post-colonial approach to Iraq cannot be exchanged for the same kind of policy with regard to Afghanistan. If the attempt is to demonstrate we can engage without the prospect of securing a favorable source for oil then the notion of an anti-empire move becomes moot. Consistency would demand our troops come home from both Iraq and Afghanistan. So, there is more to the story. I am aware of that. But, the rhetoric used to describe the kind of change we need seems now to be what Krauthammer refers to as “sleight of hand.”

No, he is not describing the politics of war. He is addressing the politics of economy. Words are carefully chosen. Creating fear is something most modern people decry. However, we seem to find it a great weapon to stretch or agenda. What do you think? And rather than attack the writer (Krauthammer), how about the subject?

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