Is everything interpretation? … may be …

James K.A. Smith points out the reality of differing interpretations of the same event in, Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?. For example, he writes a couple of contrasting pieces wherein some travelers in Jerusalem conclude Jesus is just another Nazarene crucified in Jerusalem. In apposition he writes a piece based on the soldier at the foot of the cross who uttered, "Surely this was the Son of God." Both observed the same events and yet arrived at distinct and oppostive conclusion. Either Jesus was just another casualty of Roman rule or he was the Son of God. We cannot help but note our context, presuppostions, culture, social setting, economic location when we look at the world and assert, "That is the way things are."

Two pieces of satire illustrate. Bart wrote, "We Played the Flute for You." Paul responded by offering another interpretation with, "In What Key is that Flute Playing?"

By the way, the video on Paul’s site is also an expression of "everything is interpretation." Check it out.

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