“Our stuff” may mean any number of things. In a digitally connected, highly social culture that could mean keeping track of your piece of ground in Farmville. Or, if you are into Second Life it could be managing your virtual business in a way you may earn real cash. Whatever your connectedness you likely know the work it takes to maintain a particular reputation.

If you have a website then you know what it means to work to have fresh content. After, it is content that drives readership. Years ago these sorts of things occurred in real-time, that is in the flesh. We took, and many still do, great care to preserve an image, note accomplishments and hope for shout outs. The rigor to maintain such a public persona, sometimes iconic, can be as wearisome as trying to keep it all up online.

What happens when our stuff wears us out and cheapens our relationships with others, our neighbors, and family? Where may we find rest. The Apostle Paul notes that his place of choice is “in Christ.” In the Gospel passage from John 12 being in Christ is recognizing when we sound pious caring for the poor when in reality our aim is something for “us.” This certainly has implications for any altruistic turn.

Here are some thoughts on a couple of the passages for this coming Sunday. What are your thoughts?

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