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Trees are budding. Lyle was looking toward retirement from the Fire Department. One of his plans was to work the “tree farm” with CB, his Dad.

I am sure at some point he may have built another house, or two. But, he was looking forward to planting trees and being outdoors. That he would get to work with his Dad was surely a plus.

I ran across a post on the lack of “wonder” in our lives. Lyle refers to a quote by Jewish Philosopher Abraham Heschel he found in the Daily Dig, an online devotional some of us read before it became unavailable. He quoted Heschel,

What we lack is not a will to believe, but a will to wonder.

Lyle and Evette gave us a tree one year. It was a Bradford Pear. CB was clearing an area of a “T-Box” on his property creating a driving range area for Nathan. CB gave us four trees of different varieties. He told me how to install a drip line to nurse the trees during their first winter. I often look out the back windows at our Burris trees and wonder.

Here is Lyle’s post,



Nature Deficit Disorder

“Mankind will not perish for want of information; but only for want of appreciation. The beginning of our happiness lies in the understanding that life without wonder is not worth living. What we lack is not a will to believe, but a will to wonder.”
– Jewish philosopher Abraham Heschel 

In todays Daily Dig it talks about how we neglect nature and how harmful it is to us as earthly creations, the disconnect between man and nature. They described it as Nature Deficit Disorder.

I am about to get treated for Nature Deficit Disorder in about 4 days when I will be in the mountains. I can’t wait. I will again be in awe of God’s wonderful creation.



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