Missional Theology and Biblical Seminary …

BiblicalRecently I was asked to recommend a Seminary to a young student. One of the first to come to my mind was Biblical Seminary. For the past few years I have worked with Biblical providing an innovative, collaborative learning experience called ETREK. An early conversation with Vice-President Sherry Kull led us to consider the differences between "missional" and "emergent." President Dunbar began publishing a newsletter. His most recent edition quoted from The Missional Church,

Christianity in North America has moved (or been moved) away from its
position of dominance as it has experienced the loss of not only numbers but of
power and influence within society"
(p. 1).

Vice-President Pam Smith sent an e-mail announcing the first online course at Biblical – Missional Theology. If you are interested in a good introduction to "missional theology" and find online learning a solid option, register for the course. Dr. Todd Mangum will be the professor. We have a running joke. He is Todd "the superior" and I am  Todd "#2." He is a fine fellow and has been a joy to get to know. Here is some information about Todd.

Dr. Mangum is ordained by the Southern Baptist Convention and serves frequently as pulpit supply in several area churches; he also is an active member at Grace Bible Church, Souderton. A recipient of the John F. Walvoord Award for Outstanding Work in Eschatology from Dallas    Theological Seminary, Dr. Mangum has presented numerous papers at the  evangelical Theological Society on a variety of topics including  premillennialism, dispensationalism, covenant theology, and the need to repair breaches among various segments of Bible-believing Christianity. He is currently working on a book that builds from his doctoral dissertation on the rise of progressive dispensationalism in American evangelicalism. He also serves as the faculty moderator at Biblical. Todd and his wife, Linda, live in Souderton with their three children.

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