No “Fat Tuesday” for these … they will always be with you …

The last Monday evening of each month you will find a group of young people serving. When it is very hot and when it is very cold they will be there. On the “Fat Tuesday Eve” they served. One of the men who helps coordinate our effort to feed the homeless, our Youth Pastor refers to them as “precious people”, noted the city of Oklahoma City is hoping to move these folks from the downtown area. He relayed some of the tactics employed.

Jesus said the poor would always be with us. Could it be they will be with us because we do nothing more than move them to more convenient places? Surely it could not mean they will be with us because we fail to hear his most basic call to “love our neighbors?” Doubtless Jesus meant we should go about our business of building cities and infrastructure so as to create more “exclusive” enclaves.

One of the ways we hope to instill the teaching of Jesus in our young people come from these very important “missional” practices. There are no complaints. We do not have to pull teeth. We are grateful to the folks at First Baptist Church Bethany for giving us the privilege of partnering with them. We pray the expression of the Kingdom of God has come to the least of these – and more than that, the Kingdom itself has come to them.

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