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Find more interview podcasts here. You may also find some older podcasts that cover a range of topics. These podcasts include those that formed the original Audio from the Edge.

Reconcling Perpendicular People – Thoughts from the Edge

Funny how things are at odds with their proper place. People too often experience the feeling of being perpendicular to the way the world works as well as how...

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Lingering with Resurrection – Thoughts from the Edge

“We celebrate Easter late. The plastic eggs and candy go on sale on Monday.” The young mother wanted her children to have more with the few dollars she had...

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New Things – Thoughts from the Edge

We all love new things. In a few days the much hyped iPad will be available. What will Apple’s entrance into a tablet styled computer mean? No one really...

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Lent and Our Mind – Thoughts from the Edge

The coming week in the Christian calendar offers an illustration of dissonance. Hallelujahs ring for the One who altered the human experience of many maimed physically, spiritually, and emotionally....

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Lent and Our Stuff – Thoughts from the Edge

“Our stuff” may mean any number of things. In a digitally connected, highly social culture that could mean keeping track of your piece of ground in Farmville. Or, if...

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Lent and Community – Thoughts from the Edge

Street level theology often remarks, “God will not give us more than we can bear.” Aside from all of the accompanying issues the very statement raises, it is generally...

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Lent and Imitation – Thoughts from the Edge

“Never imitated. Never duplicated.” Product teasers look to point out the unique features of their item. Distinguishing one item from the other may mean the difference in being in...

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Lent and Plot – Thoughts from the Edge

A recent episode of “This American Life” relayed the story of a young boy who happened on an old house by Loon Lake. The old abandoned house held intrigue...

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Reflections After God – Thoughts from the Edge

Reflections. They are rarely an “exact” representation. The medium the image is reflected onto bears the marks that alter the original image. Even still we can see in the...

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Aftermath of God – Thoughts from the Edge

One common thread running through at least three of the texts for this week involve the “aftermath of God.” That is, to borrow from Peter Rollins, life after an...

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