Penn tells it straight …

One of my friends wrestles with faith constantly. At this moment he would describe himself as a “non-theist” stopping short of an atheist. He shared with me the challenge facing those who assert they would die for their faith in Jesus. To a group of students he asked how many had indeed died for their faith. Of course, none of them had – they were in class!

His point lie in the fact that too many tell it but not too straight. Interestingly our denomination’s chief missiologist and researcher, Ed Stetzer, re-posted a video of Penn telling it straight. What are your thoughts?

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  1. charlie says:

    I do not know much about Penn, but on the surface of this video he seemed truely moved by this act. Maybe one could read into it more than was there, but he almost seemed to be troubled yet wasn’t sure why. I think this man spoke to him in a way that no one has, so what does that say about what I do in life?

    His analogy of the truck was powerful to me as well. I wonder if for him or any other atheist if it is as hard for them to believe God exists as it would for myself to deny his existance.

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