Shifting Metaphors …

We often use images/pictures/metaphors to communicate truth/actions. A dominant evangelistic metaphor has been that of the “warrior.” In the New Testament, the warrior image is generally connected to systemic battles. Followers of Christ face the constant battle of living in an environment generally dictated by an idolatry of self inspired by the idolatry of the Enemy. So, Paul writes to those following Christ in Ephesus to put on the whole armor of God.

Are there any stories or places where the image of “warrior” is used with regard to evangelism in the Scriptures? What about among the words of Jesus?

A friend has suggested the metaphor of a “gardner” when it comes to evangelism. Sowing seeds and leaving weeds are among some of the pictures we find in the Scriptures. Are there other stories/words giving us the picture of a “gardening” when it comes to evangelism?

In a discussion about a possible shift in metaphors, many who have been conditioned, trained and practiced evangelism using a warrior motif, could not grasp the notion very well. One of the concerns was a lack of “intensity” of those evangelizing – gardners are not very intense so it was expressed.

I could not help but think about Glenn. If his habit of gardening were the example, there would be plenty of intensity and care when it comes to evangelism.

What are your thoughts?

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