Solomon Says: A Conversation with Mark Horne

Plenty of space in print and on-air has been given over to discussions of masculinity. What if the better question for all human beings was, “How do we live wisely in the world?”

Seventeen years ago Mark Horne published, The Victory According to Mark: An Exposition of the Second Gospel. In his words, “I never thought I would write a book like this.” One might say this book is nothing like that one. What began as a spiritual practice of memorizing portions of Proverbs that began in 2011 gave rise to the reflections found in Solomon Says: Directives for Young Men.

Mark served the PCA Church in Minco, Oklahoma when we first met. He and his family have since moved to the St. Louis area. Here is more about Mark from the book bio. The first iteration of my blog was Just Todd. I emailed Mark and asked if he minded if I mimicked his blog, Just Mark. He told me that it would be taken in the form of a compliment. Mark led a book reading group through N.T. Wrights, Big Blue Book, Jesus and the Victory of God.

When I saw Mark promoting his book on Facebook, I knew it would be good and so I purchased a copy. I was not disappointed and neither will you be when you click the image of his book and buy a copy for yourself and the young me you know. You may find more from Mark at

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