Stetzer Calls On Baptists to “Get Out More” … Gives Draper the Keyboard

Maybe some will listen. In Southern Baptist life there is likely not a more high profile personality that “gets around” than Ed Stetzer. Sometimes the name dropping is over the top, but underneath it all is a model for “getting out more.” Follow Ed on Twitter and you will need to be in shape to keep up. If he is not on the phone with someone outside the SBC, he is speaking at others’ venues.

Occasionally Ed suggests I get out too widely but that stems from walking the fine line that is role of leader in the SBC. I am glad Ed is using his very public pulpit to draw attention to what some of us have felt for years – Southern Baptists do not have the market on the Christian faith – even the conservative variety.

In an interesting illustration helping others to “get out more,” Ed connects one of the more congenial Southern Baptist personalities/statesmen with the missional guru Alan Hirsch via Alan’s, The Forgotten Ways. Jimmy Draper gave some young pastors hope in the SBC a few years ago. Likely too little too late. But, he has been a friend to those who have often decried the complete disconnect between the espoused theology and the practiced ethic in the SBC. For a current illustration, read here.

After what one commenter deemed the longest introduction in blog history, Ed gives the keybard to Jimmy Draper for his reflections on Alan’s book. Carefully read his words. It should be apparent there is still quite the divide. In other words we need to encourage getting out more intentionally than vicariously through books and blogs. We need to meet folks who do not share our point of view, practice of the faith, and yes our often complicated view of Scripture. We need each other across ailses, across denominationa, across traditions, across categories. For one day, we may end up a peronsality in a Peter Rollins parable. (The anecdote begins about the 20:05 mark in the podcast.)

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