Stetzer, Stetzerification and the SBC …

Pic0038A commenter on my brother’s blog suggested his mention of Ed Stetzer would give a nice bump to his site traffic. We recently joked with Ed about this blogworld phenomenon. Could be the reason I titled this post as I did. πŸ™‚ You should read Paul’s two posts on his impending Stetzerification and the result in Definitions.

We experienced a brief time with Ed in Greensboro last year. To his credit he remembered; quite a task when you speak often meeting countless folks along the way. He can turn a phrase well. Ed gave us quite a few laughs in the main sessions, breakout session and over dinner.

I bought in to "stetzerification." I confess to thinking Ed could go further. For example, the idea contextualization is simply finding out if those in your community drive a truck and wear a hat so we  should do the same does not go deep enough. I am sure the illustration served to open up some to what he meant by contextualization. His assertion we should be counter-cultural needs to address deeper social, economic and political issues facing most, if not all, communities. I imagine Ed addresses these issues on some level in other places. I want to think this is so.

Ed told us he would be speaking at the Baptist Identity Conference at Union University. You can listen to his talk here. He mentions some statistics you may want to look at and so you may download his paper here.  I have yet to listen to all of the talks from the Baptist Identity Conference but I tell you if the challenge Ed gave those in attendance is carefully considered and not summarily dismissed, some of us who have wondered what and if there is a future for the SBC may find hope. Many will think me too optimistic Ed would be heard. I admit to wondering about Ed’s job security. Gauntlets such as his are not often take well.

Solid job Ed. Great to spend some time together.

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