Steve McCoy Knows About More than Music and Tim Keller

If you are not aware of the friendship between Joe Thorn and Steve McCoy, then you may be missing out. We met a number of years ago in South Carolina. Our paths had crossed online. In those days, and still, Steve was a big deal when it came to blogging and Southern Baptists.

Every week I look forward to Steve’s, Music Monday posts. He is as eclectic as they come. Not a bad trait for a young guy. He also self-identifies as a Tim Keller fanboy, though not in the sense that Ed Stetzer scolds people for when it comes to fanboys of celebrity pastors. I believe Ed referred to his admiration of Tim Keller as a “man crush.” Enough said. Steve has a page dedicated to Time Keller resources.

Recently, though I do not know the back story, Joe arranged for Steve to be given a MacBook Pro and and iPad. Talk about friendship. Now you may cue the subtle hints pastors will be providing their buddies. And, if you can get your buddy to call you “babe,” then you may be sure the feelings run deep.

Steve tried a number of stylus options for his new iPad. I noticed he touted the Maglus Stylus, posted on it, and bought Joe one as a “Thank you.” I watched the video. I read the reviews. I have been looking for something just like the Maglus to improve sketch noting on the iPad. Mine arrived on Monday. I called it a gift to myself. If you are looking for a stylus for your iPad, follow Steve’s advice and look no further than the Maglus.

Here is a link for 10% off –

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