Stories, pictures and lost heads …

I listened to an interview this morning. One of the morning shows offered a “breaking story.” This new idiom grew from the “ho-hum” of the news. In order to get your attention while regular programming rolls on, anchors now hope to get your attention off the dog, the inside of your eyelids or other sideshow and onto the screen.

One of the soldiers accused of “abuses” in an Iraqi prison responded to questions posed by newscasters. The pictures are abailable across the internet. Now it seems there are other scandals surfacing.

Part of me wants to cry out, “what do you expect from war.” War does things to people – on both sides of the issue or line of demarcation. Jobs will/are being lost because we assume it is natural to engage battle and things will be pristine and clean. My musing regards the shock and surprise of those of us who are stateside. We certainly do not want to encourage such activity. We don’t want to ignore inhumane behavior. Yet, what are we thinking, that men and women thrust into an altogether different culture and the intensities of combat are going to pretend to be playing “cowboys and indians” in the backyard?

What about the outrage over the beheading of Nick Berg? We “expect” that from terrorists so in some regards it does not inflame as much. What about our soldiers bodies dragged through the streets? This is war. But, when it comes to soldiers activities in prison it is all of the sudden not war.

War affects everyone involved – both sides. We are affected in ways we could not imagine. Psychologists will have a name for this after we leave Iraq. A syndrome will develop. Could we agree – war does things to people. Not many, if any, are good.

Should this reality cause us to reconsider the nature of people?

People need stories of “Good News.” How will we tell the story of God in places where war has left is ugly mark?

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