Surprises, re-connecting and encouragement …

What’s in a day? My wife told me “Happy Birthday” as she woke yesterday morning. Spencer called yesterday to wish me “Happy Birthday.” My west coast friend on his way to the east coast called en route to the airport. We will get to hang out next week in Nashville. Paul, a.k.a. Caught In The Middle, called to wish his older brother “Happy Birthday.” Trent, a.k.a. Thin Man, caught me Sunday before he flew to Pennsylvania on business. My mother called and unfortunately got the voice mail on the cell phone to wish me “Happy Birthday.” My dad e-mailed the same thought. One of our Sunday School classes sent me “colored” balloons and a Coke (glad they were not black balloons!).

These were just a smattering of those wishing me well.

Patty and I were on our way out when I got a call on the cell phone and saw the church number. The voice was one from way back. Mack stopped by the church to see me on his way back to Texas. We re-routed and met Mack at the church. We have talked on the phone but really have not seen each other in a number of years. Mack graduated with Patty and I. He was my lunch partner – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and theology.

We caught up on family stuff and then spent some time talking about life, faith and church. Several hours later I told Mack he had unknowingly given me a great birthday gift – some time with a long-time friend – the fellowship was encouraging.

Thanks for stopping Mack.

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