Andrew Jones

Andrew, You Can’t Do That!

A friend called the other day. He was a bit amped up. Though many miles away, it was clear he had some energy to unload. “Why have we not heard anything from [I will write more about this group he questioned somewhere down the line] in the aftermath of the Penn State Affair?” The issue in this context flares up over the ongoing internecine, inner-tribal, intramural squabbles over Gospel and Justice. Or, in the way some are framing it, “What is the Gospel? vs. What are the implications of the Gospel?” We are such good moderns when it comes to our linearity.

Getting a few things done this morning before a week of Baptist meetings – Annual Meeting of the BGCO and a the New Baptist Covenant 2 Regional Meeting. Sandwiched between those two meetings will be our weekly Wednesdays Are for Others at Snow Hill. I ran across a post by Andrew Jones, a.k.a. Tallskinnykiwi.(Love the new banner!) He dares write about a school in a garbage city. I could not help but think of the scuffles over Gospel and Justice reading this and guessing some would as soon shout, “Andrew, You Can’t Do That!” Read More

The Excluded Middle, the Ignored Edge, and The Battle for the Empire in the SBC

The Ring of Fire just gave us a tectonic shift punishing Japan with a devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Tsunami waves washed over acres of land, destroying property and killing people. There will no doubt be someone with an Internet connection firing up the keyboard to announce that Japan suffered judgement for ancestor worship, or some social ill. (Paragraph 7) Quickly the suffering and pain will be marginalized as the train wreck of such wretched projections make the rounds on the Interwebs.

Meanwhile, the SBC is stirred again. What is new. Not much. Bill J. Leonard’s “prophetic” prediction for the SBC seems more and more likely despite all attempts to avoid the icebergs. Tucked away in his 1991 book, God’s Last and Only Hope, is the conjecture the Southern Baptist Convention will splinter. Because he was considered on the “wrong side,” his prognostication has largely been ignored.

Andrew Jones (a.k.a. tallskinnykiwi) recently weighed in on the Rob Bell kerfuffle. As I was pointed to the recent stir in the SBC blogosphere, where young pastors are urged to say what high profile pastors think, I could not help but think of a paragraph from Jones’ piece,

There is a power struggle going on that ventures beyond doctrinal categories and theological correctness. It’s a battle for the empire! Read More

The Tall(skinnykiwi) on the Manhattan Declaration

As many of you I have read with interest the divergent responses and reactions to the Manhattan Declaration. Some found agreement enough in the big 3 issues the document seeks to rally support around. Others found the strange-bedfellows too much to abide. Still more thought the idea ill-conceived. That is, the kinds of changes sought will not come about via a declaration. To that end I give you one of the more succinct “reasons for not signing” offered by Andrew Jones.

He writes,

And besides that, I really believe societal change happens from the grassroots, when people make friends and tell stories, more than trying to push papers to politicians. When the church forgets how to make friends and tell stories, they have to resort to less personal, less effective means.

Tell more stories and throw more parties Andrew!