Biblical Seminary

Biblical Seminary Posts Missional Church Planting Degree – Options

Last week I mentioned the new degree offered at Biblical Seminary. I received the link to the program. Click through to view the diversity of the program. Full M.A., certificate, or audit. Biblical is making a way to facilitate church planting and theological education.… Continue reading

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The Mission of God and Theological Education – Biblical Seminary

Questions about the future of theological education and its viability seem to be on the rise. The economy and technology provide the instigation. Can students afford tuition? Are donors happy? What about investment income? Are there ways to more effectively reach those who long for formal education but are … Continue reading

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Love Trumps Submission … McKnight at BTS

My brother Trent is a Cubs fan. He and Scot McKnight would enjoy conversations over the “Cubbies.” No doubt they both held out hope there would be no October meltdown. But, like the stock market decline, the Cubs crashed and burned.

It was quite fun to listen to Scot, … Continue reading

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The Serum for What Ails Leadership in the Church

Looking for a small monkey had Dustin Hoffman willing to break a number of rules to develop the antidote for a deadly virus in Outbreak. Sometimes we may feel like unlocking the key to leadership in the church in an era of what Alan Roxburgh refers to as … Continue reading

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