Happy Birthday Patty

“What do you want for your birthday?” All of her answers were something functional for the house. She mentioned only one thing for herself – a purse. I don’t pick out purses. I learned that lesson picking out jeans 20 plus years ago.

Over Patty’s 33 birthdays I have … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Baby

“You’re not quite ready.” Words an about-to-deliver mother never wants to hear. “I’ll be back,” she replied. Hours later the drive down Wheatland Road toward Charlton Methodist Hospital was slowed by thick fog. Emergency flashers and lights signaled urgency to other travelers before 7:00 a.m. on that Saturday twenty-three … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Cohen Alan – 1 Year Today!

One year old. If this first year is any indication as to how fast Cohen will grow up, I will need to get the Big Red Beast ready for his 16th birthday soon!

Patty and I have one year of “Grand-parenting” under our belts and looking forward to more. … Continue reading

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Never really the romantic type I set out this year to surprise my wife. Back in the day, high school days, I would head over to see her and stop at 7-11 and pick her up a large Icee and a Zero candy bar. After heading off to college, … Continue reading

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