Narratives and Traditions – Brian McLaren on a New Christianity

Seems like every time Brian McLaren writes a new book it stirs the senses and sensibilities of many. Today marked the release of A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith. Another NKOC. I don’t have a copy though I tried to get a … Continue reading

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Modern Parables – Peter Rollins and “Being the Resurrection”

“You will speak in parables.” George H. Martin likens the manner given Isaiah to speak in Isaiah 6 to parables. He notes,

“How strange is that? Imagine telling teachers to teach so that children all fail, or imagine a world where we expect traffic cops to create congestion and

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Reading Ehrman on Theodicy

I am interested in Ehrman’s take on theodicy in God’s Problem. My interest comes after reading a number of reviews of his book Jesus Interrupted. Several friends share deep struggles with theodicy and find most explanations to come up short for them. Pastors should be aware of … Continue reading

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New Tab

In the recent re-design of The Edge of the Inside, you will notice a new tab – Book Reviews. One of my “resolves” of this year is to finish a number of books previously started but not completed. The goal is a book a week. Under the new tab … Continue reading

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The Return of Forums? Not a Bad Idea

Following a brief post indicating my interest in postmodern philosophy by quoting Carl Rashcke’s The Next Reformation: Why Evangelicals Must Embrace Postmodernity, my friend David Phillips, an uber techie, created a forum to discuss some of our favorite reads. Already David has set up places to … Continue reading

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